Friday, 28 April 2017

Magnetron - (Firebird, 1988) Magnetron by Graftgold/Firebird is another one of those games that I never seemed to get my hands on back in the day. Being a big fan of Steve Turner & Andrew Braybrook, I'm surprised I never tried to get hold of this game. It was supposed to be a kind of '3D Paradroid', which sounds brilliant, but it really never hit the mark... Graphically it's very good with typical isometric bas-relief style backgrounds and sprites, but the control method is clumsy and frustrating, so navigating the slim corridors and ramps with your droid can be a nightmare sometimes. The aim is to locate the reactors on each level and disable them by altering the current to overload them. There are only a few levels to beat, but it's very difficult, mainly due to the control method. It's a game that should have been a classic but ends up being for all its good looks and technical excellence a mediocre game. #fb #tweet #blog

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